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Our Story: Bridg3 Financial Boutique was founded on the principles of integrity, transparency, and happiness. You see it in the news all the time, corruption in the financial services industry, people's life savings gone, or parents having to work past retirement age.

The sad truth: if you don't have a certain amount of wealth, most financial advisors won't work with you.
We recognized these challenges affect working-class families and set a plan in motion to help families manage their finances and have the chance to be happy and lead a fulfilling lifestyle.

The ever growing burdens of financial management can often make this a seemingly impossible goal; however, With just a few small changes, we can help transform your finances and help you lead the life you deserve.

Our Vision is to make a difference in all families so they feel more comfortable with their finances to achieve their financial goals.

Our Mission is to empower individuals to make sound financial decisions so they can have more of what money will never buy.