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Bridg3 Financial Boutique – About Us

Money’s tighter than ever in this day and age – and for many of us, this can leave us facing a dilemma: to pay the bills or to eat? Sadly, with a significant lack of support from the basic educational system, so many people leave school without the knowledge they deserve to manage their finances. However, this was a struggle we here at Bridg3 Financial Boutique recognized, and we knew we could make a difference for other people

A Single Goal, Driven By Personal Experiences
For our founder, Katherine Tyeshia Chatmon, seeing hard-working, genuine people struggling to make ends meet, working multiple jobs simultaneously just to afford basic bills, made her realize there had to be a better way to live. And so, she made it her mission to study everything she could about the world of finance.
Now, years later, she is more determined than ever to make a difference. Thus, through Bridg3 Financial Boutique, Katherine works to help educate other people on their own spending, giving them the chance to live their life to the fullest on any budget.

Making a Difference – One Budget at a Time
Every family deserves the chance to be happy and lead a fulfilling lifestyle. However, the ever growing burdens of financial management can often make this a seemingly impossible goal.
But why should it have to be this way? Here at Bridg3 Financial Boutique, we are immensely talented in the field of financial planning, which is why we can help. We’ll stand by your side to help eliminate debt and recover your finances, so you can lead a life that’s all you ever dreamed. No matter your current situation, wealth, income, or any other factor, we’ll be here for you, helping you build generational wealth to care for your family, both now and in the future.
Discover our team today, and join us to begin taking control of your own finances. With just a few small changes, we can help transform your finances and help you lead the life you deserve.


1:1, Couple, or Group coaching helps the client(s) create attainable financial goals and a road-map to get there.


Going through financial problems? Bridg3 can help you sort through the issue and get you back on track.


Don't have time to dedicate to coaching sessions? Join Bridg3 for monthly workshops and webinars on various financial topics. Q&A follows each event.


Tax filing is only a few months of the year, but tax planning is year-round. We help put more of your refund into your pocket, and if you owe the IRS, we ensure the accuracy of various tax forms and provide strategies for next time.

Step One - Clarity

Step One - Clarity

The first step is to gain clarity where you are in your financial life. This is called a financial snapshot and we look at your income, savings, spending, debt, etc.

Step Two - Dream

Step Two - Dream

What do you want your financial future to entail? Here, we explore your personal money story and financial snapshot. This understanding will provide a better picture of - You.

Step Three - Design

Step Three - Design

Third, we design the realistic future you would like based on attainable dreams and goals. Along with the steps to get there.

Step Four - Build

Step Four - Build

This is where you put the practice to work. You will save enough money for short term needs, emergency situations, and long-term needs.

Step Five - Thrive

Step Five - Thrive

Not just living - thriving. Not living paycheck-to-paycheck - thriving. You will have the skills and expertise to continue making wise money decisions and build generational wealth.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau defines a financial coach as a trained professional who collaborates with and guides their clients to reach their financial goals. The process is personalized and non-judgmental. Financial coaches provide support, encouragement, accountability, and tools to help people make informed decisions.
Financial coaching is a flexible approach and covers a wide range of financial goals:

  • Creating a financial plan
  • Money management
    • Creating a budget
    • Analyzing spending habits
  • Building or repairing credit
  • Creating healthy financial habits 
  • Creating healthy financial goals

A financial coach is someone who will help you understand the basics of personal finance and help you develop and maintain healthy financial habits. Their main job is to empower their clients to reach their financial goals and learn how to handle their finances responsibly. They typically work with clients who want to save money, create a budget, pay off debt or just improve their financial literacy in general.

While on the other hand, a financial advisor is someone who helps you build wealth and prepare for your future through long-term financial planning. While they can advise in all facets of personal finance, they tend to focus on comprehensive financial goals that last throughout your lifetime and beyond. They usually work with clients who want to manage their assets, build an investment portfolio, and plan for their retirement. A financial advisor also helps with taxes, estate planning, health care and long-term care planning.
The answer is: it depends.
Practically speaking, a financial coach will help you set and achieve financial goals and develop better money habits. You should work with a coach if you need help tackling these tasks (and much more):
  • Debt reduction/debt elimination
  • Cash flow and monthly expense planning
  • Helping build or repair credit
  • Talking to your significant other or family about finances
  • Planning and saving for big goals—a wedding, a car, a down payment for a home
  • Strategizing when and how to save for retirement
  • Saving for college
  • Young professionals - starting out financially strong
Remember a dream without a plan is called a wish! No one wins championships by accident. Even world-class athletes have a coach, because the reality is, we never outgrow our need for guidance.  

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