06 Jan

What is A Resolution?

A resolution is a commitment to improving or changing one's habits in some way. New Year's resolutions are often made with the intent of improving oneself, although they may be made for other reasons as well.The word "resolution" stems from the Latin word "resolvere" which means "to resolve or solve."

How to Make Your Financial Resolution Stick

If you are a New Year's Resolutioner, this article is for you. I have been there too, making resolutions and failing to keep them. But I am determined to make my financial resolution stick!This article will help you make your financial resolution stick by providing some tips on how to do it. Some of these tips are: don't overcommit yourself, set small goals, and reward yourself for achieving your goals.

Financial Resolutions for the New Year

There are many financial resolutions that you can make for the new year. One of the most popular ones is to save more money.Some people would like to pay off their debts and other people would like to start investing in a 401k. The best way to know what financial resolutions are best for you is by looking at your current financial situation and your future goals.

Best Practices For The New Year Around Money Management & Savings

The new year is a time when many people start thinking about their money and how they can save more of it.Here are some best practices for the new year around money management and savings:- Track your expenses.- Cut down on your entertainment budget.- Start saving for retirement now, even if you're young.- Track your spending habits with apps like Mint or Personal Capital

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